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Experimental movie about the notion of Wind.

expansion, breathing, blas of air, breeze, puff, rotation, swirl, turn, whirlwind, storm, tornado, turbulent, violent, agitated, tumult, gust, tickling, shiver, quivering, skim, touch, friction, tingling, ascent, rise, lift, deploy, draw out, floating, levitation, flt, lightness, slam, crush, opposition, force, hit, arouse, pressure, shear, erosion, oxidization, draining, disperse, split, swep, push, blow, impulsion, infiltrate, dive into, wave, flow, flux, circulation, whistling, tremors, murmus, blare, howl, groaning, noise, listen, creaking, oscillation, swinging, inclination, shake, bend, balance, vibration, emanation

Goose bumps, a tornado, the Southern mistral, the hot desertic wind, a sandstorm, cracking of the blinds at night, the wind whistling between rocks, the sound of stretching sail, ocean wind, movement of clouds in the sky, the voice of the wind, fresh draught, rustling of the leaves, waves of the ocean,shaking grass, fresh air of mountains, the strong tempest preventing from walking, flying kite in the sky, the soft wind touching the skin

Experimental movie about the notion of Humidity.

drip, dilution, wash, blurry, attenuation, soften, mud, moisten, dampen, wet, soak, immerse, immerge, dissolve dip, flow, flood, drip, trickle, seep, ooze, sweat, clammy, moist, concentration, saturation, contamination, contagion, transmission, fade, propagation, spreading, diffusion, radiation, capillary rise, infiltration, steam, vaporisation, mist, condensation, fog, drizzle, vapour, volatile, impregnate, penetrate, absorption, bathe, hydrate, infuse, flake off, erosion, oxidization, erode, corrosive, mould, rotten, dew, droplets, fill, spongy, contract, mark, stain, blemish, ring, puddle, emanation, spray, moisten, aromatic, smell, fragrant

A walk into the forest, the undergrowth perfume, the sea spray, dropplets on the window, condensation on the pane, the ground perfume after rain, tropical jungle, drizzle of a sad day, vapour of hot spring, the fog of the plains, the mist of the mountains, fresh and humid air into the lungs, smelling the moss of the forest, the mist above the lake, the perfume before a storm, the marshy emanations, the morning dew

Experimental movie about the notion of Temperature.

hot, heat, cold, cool, freshness, ray, beam, energetic radiation, emission, infrared waves, burn, combustion, brillance, luminance, brightness, crack, melt, liquefaction, molten, soft, solid, expansion, distension, boiling, evaporation, ascension, freeze, ice, crystallize, harden, solidify, firm up, inert, colouring, gradation, shading, intervals, degrees, amplitude, thermal transfer, heat conduction, propagation, convection, tepid, tempered, balance, opposition, thermal print

Sunshine, light, sunburn, goose bumps, shivers, tempered climate, ideal temperature, human body heat, contact, the frost, the blizzard, the summer heat wave, a hot flush, a wood fire in forest, the magma, the lava, breath cold vapour, the mist of the hot springs, the hot breath of someone


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