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Alexis Blanchard designer Atmospheric Portals

« A breath of sensitive and touching poetry in our daily life, in order to take part in a more stimulating and optimistic future,
such is our mission.


Deeply influenced by the scientific and artistic interests of its founder Alexis Blanchard, our independent design studio tends to research rationality and precision on the smallest details while developing new aesthetics and poetic universes to fire up the imagination of human beings.

Paying attention to the senses, gestures and emotions of the user, our multidisciplinary approach aims to provoke unusual experiences which bring back meaning and re-enchantment to daily life.

Carefully designed, our objects are destined to become life companions with each a peculiar personality, objects that are made to be kept or passed on to the next generation.

Often in limited edition or unique pieces handmade by the designer himself, they reveal the intangible beauty of Nature, of materials, of a movement, a shape, an energy.