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Alexis Blanchard Furniture designer


Alexis Blanchard (1994) is a multidisciplinary designer based in France. 

Deeply influenced by his interests for both scientific and artistic fields, his approach tends to research rationality and precision on the smallest details while developing new aesthetics to fire up the imagination of people.

The sensitive affective relationship that can be built between objects and humans is at the core of his practice. Focusing on the emotions, gestures and senses of the users, his work aims to provoke unusual experiences and feelings, showing how essential it is to create a harmonious and exciting environment but also to change our perceptions and actions towards what surrounds us.

His researches give birth to luxurious objects and furniture with a unique personality, sometimes limited pieces, that often reveal the beauty of Nature, the beauty of a material, a movement, a shape, an energy, a pattern or anything that has yet to be revealed.


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